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Vendors Request for Proposal

Partnering without changing anything, nor specific skills and gaining market share, by associating for your clients Fintech TPRM Accounting Interaction products and services (huge global market of TEMPLATE CR3 mandatory for all banks and all clients).

This involves responding to our call for tenders (RFP) by telling us how your marketing and press service could be carried out and under what conditions our offer to the banks in your market. You can ensure exclusive representation if you demonstrate adequate information capabilities.

Please note that fintech Interaction is not subject to an authorization license (See links below for details).

1. Early bird pricing 2024 ends on June 28.

- Number of managers(Loss Executives and heads of operational units or cash-generating units) to be expected (around 11: CEO, CFO, HRM and max 8 OM) = $900 per person excluding early bird pricing 2024.

- Number of team leaders or cash-generating units(1 per 20 employees) = $900 per person excluding early bird pricing 2024.

2. How much do you earn?

Depending on whether you are headquartered in the United States where you are late given the FED SR 23-4 Interagency letter of June 7, 2023, or whether you are outside the USA and your decision is made in anticipation of the date of entry into force of the laws, 

. you benefit from a discount of 20% ($180) to 30% ($270) per employee.

Note that banks and clients already benefit from a free 3-month (90-day) use of all TPRM accounting fintech desktop interaction apps, thus strengthening their initial cash flow with the entire economic capital (EC) generated by loss mitigation.

3. Impact on Expected Losses (EL) & Expected Credit Losses (ECL)

The demo for comparative Cost-Benefit accounts of the financial performance of Risk Management based on the OPE30 - Advanced Measurement Approach which ceased to exist on 30 December 2022 to the financial performance of Risk Management of the Standardized Approach required from 1 January 2023 for both OPE25 (Calculation of RWA for operational risk) and CRE22 (Calculation of RWA for credit risk mitigation), which is provided by the TPRM Accounting Reference Guide to be attached by the financial institution to current credit and investment financing contracts, shows that:

. Pool bank 1 saw its total unencumbered cash accounts (Bank EC + Customer EC) go from "$0" before OPE25 to $9,685,274,442 after OPE25.

. Pool bank 2 saw its total unencumbered cash accounts (Bank EC + Customer EC) go from "$0" before OPE25 to $8,303,585,037 after OPE25.

. Pool bank 3 sees its total unencumbered cash accounts (Bank EC + Customer EC) go from "$0" before OPE25 to $8,499,635,572.

4. Early bird pricing conditions of the internal team's certification training:

(a) Open your company account by the deadline of June 28.

(b) Provide the list of managers and heads of operational units to whom an access code to the interaction app of their workstation is assigned.

. The program called "HCM accounting (HCMA)" because it focuses on the internal financial performance of the total paid workforce, combines, each at its own pace, an online seminar with internal financial performance Problem Solving Process (PSP) workshops.

5. Distance learning by doing each on their own interaction app:

The certificate is obtained in 90 days based on the 1st reporting of the Economic Capital (EC) accounts. This is free cash flow attesting to the cross-cutting skills acquired by the internal team to process data on the added value of human capital to be provided to investors as an appendix to the governance report in return for variable salaries or incentive pay.

6. Menu for more, our Team and Reference Guide to banks:

1- Business objectives to achieve when partnering with us

2- Our Exceptional Competitive Networking Position

3- The best start-up offers based on the training Program with the University of San Francisco

4- Total paid workforce interaction training requirement (BCBS, Dec. 2017)

5-  Highlights of TPRM accounting interaction Fintech for Template CR3

6- Treasury TPRM Accounts Mitigating Public Debt Considering the Role of the IMF

7- Reference Guide to be attached to Micro financing contracts

8-  Interaction fintech is not subject to an authorization license.

9- Beyond Micro, Measuring with Supervisory Bodies the TEMPLATE CR3 accounts Impact on Public Debt.

10- Why train the Internal Team to perform Template CR3 Mandatory for All banks ? 

11- What will you learn by training the internal team ? 

12- Download Customer support Material