Sustainability Accounting FinTech (SAF)     

Demo operating rule:

This is a private access that allows you testing the 2 vectors of the Sustainability Accounting FinTech (SAF) system that work independently:

Modeling of the two-vector system is governed, on the one hand, by BCBS, Principles for Sound Liquidity Risk Management and Supervision, September 2008; on the other hand by the EU directive, May 2017 and the SEC directive, April 2018 relating to the non-GAAP reporting of the financial performance of variable salaries [economic profit or Incentivized Pay Leverage Effect (IPLE) accounts].

Access to HCMA Tech V2 allows the CEO and financial analysts to see how the CFO takes over from the direction given by the board of directors to plan over 3 years and schedule for each week, each month for the quarterly and annual reporting, internal financial performance objectives by identifying, collecting and accounting treatment (Standard Approach) of operational risk loss data, in particular organizing, taking into account the risk appetite threshold, the interactions of management with operational units or Cash Generating Units (CGU) on the basis of socio-economic indicators within the reach of all employees.

Interaction being the condition for using internal financial performance data processing software, the HRM and OM functions and the heads of operational units can only operate their modules as a relay from the HCMA Tech V2-M1; that is to say when this module has performed its task of programming and distributing performance objectives and access codes generated when the company intranet activation account is opened by the CFO.




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