HCM accounting Lab
(Financial Performance Action Research)

Researcher coordinating networking: John P. Koeplin

(Associate Professor, Department Chair, Full-Time Faculty, University of San Francisco)

Your Benefits :

(1) Access FinteTech IT-IRM tools for experimenting with forward-looking management and EC or LCR provisioning processes required by law to the CEO for the Board of Directors: “The remuneration policy shall contribute to the company's business strategy and long -term interests and sustainability and shall explain how it does so ".

(2) Access the tools for experimenting with cross-cutting interactions articulating in real time the operational management functions (Finance, HR, and OM) to link them to the operational units or Cash-Generating Units (CGU) and provide the table of real time feedback edge required by law.

(3) Offer consulting and support services for the problem-solving process (PSP) of the financial performance of businesses and local authorities.

(4) Master the Protocol for Experimenting the Added value of Total Paid Workforce

(5) Participate in the current inter-lab research and publication project:

Applied Research Interaction University-Industry Interface for HCM Accounting Program Improving Cash Flow and Employee Welfare (Benchmarking and publication of periodic results).

(6) Recertification

By virtue of article 6c of the general conditions of the educational partnership contract, the laboratory can recertify members of internal teams of associated companies who wish to have professional recertification updating their transversal interaction skills. Academic partners issue recertification on their behalf.

(7) Invoice the lab's services: labs freely set the price of their services.

(8) Combine the practice of interaction at the workstation and action research to achieve the cash objectives of the development of HR cross-cutting leadership required since 2002:

This is the issue of real-time feedback and traceability of non-GAAP financial performance reports known since 2002 when the vote of the US Senate created "The Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework (HCAAF)" in the same year as the SOX Act on Internal Control which was also adopted in 2002, thus linking the human capital management accounts to the operational risk loss mitigation reporting accounts.

The University-Industry Financial Performance PSP (Problem Solving Process) is the in-house training means through which HCM academy Portal connects HR, Finance or OM functions of Companies and local Authorities so that they can benefit from the support for action research and / or recertification of their internal teams members by the networking HCM accounting Labs. Generally, recertification is based on the specific conditions of the university or recertifying body. It also takes into account the cross-cutting interaction skills that have been certified by HCM academy as well as the in-depth study thanks to the support of the internal team by the HCM accounting laboratory of the affiliated department.