5/ 2nd step, upgrade your account for the operational management interaction:

Vector 2 of HCM accounting technology is a transversal intranet which links all workstations through socio-economic indicators, factors or causes of operating losses which are within the reach of all employees. The data recorded by the electronic sheets of the team leaders are processed by the OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) center to which the platform is connected (see diagram below: section 7). On each reporting date, the system delivers the internal financial performance dashboard from which the economic capital (CE) accounts are extracted to be included in the governance or management report of the company on the basis of the threshold of operational risk appetite:

• The operational risk threshold rate is 0.02% for banks, ie an automatically planned EC at 98.98% of absolute VaR. The rate is 0.5% for insurers and their risk counterparties, ie an EC automatically planned at 95.5% of absolute VaR. Absolute VaR (EL + UL) is the company's maximum loss management accounting calculation method.

This calculation allows financial mathematics tools (statistics and probabilities) to reduce their margin of error by working with actual company data instead of unexpected loss estimate (UL) data collected from the Internet.