FinTech SAF Digital One-Stop Shop Reference Book

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HCM Accounting Academy is an international center of digital innovation established with the Society of Interdisciplinary Business Research (SIBR), based, on the one hand on the IT architecture patented in 2003 by LELE- HCM ACCOUNTING INDUSTRY INC in anticipation of the standard accounting approach to operational risk management and regulatory requirements following the SOX Act in 2002 and the internal control laws of other countries; on the other hand on the book published on March 1, 2021 in UK by the University of Kansas, USA and Harvard University, USA, considering the SIBR's Asia conferences of OSAKA, SEOUL and SIDNEY and contributions of experts and academics from 54 universities selected worldwide to enable banks and CCRs of all countries to reach the milestone of finalizing post-crisis reforms (Basel III) taking into account the requirement of transversality or capacity for interdisciplinary interaction for the identification, collection and treatment of internal data on operational risk losses required by BCBS (December 2017):

• HCM Accounting Academy is designated as One-Stop-Shop on p. 126 of Chapter 06.

The book follows the popularization of digital Fintech SAF management accounting processes by the World Association for IT Audit under the concept of IT-IRM (Investor Relationship Management): ISACA Journal, USA 2013, 2014 and 2016. It follows also to the methodological consensus established by the 2020 World Finance Conference of Malta, the 2020 Berlin (Germany) Conference Academy Of Management (AOM) and 2020 Lyon-France International Conference Organized in partnership with the Divisions of the Academy of Management (USA) and ISODC (The International Society for Organizational Development and Change).

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