8/ Overview of Potentially Recoverable Losses Boosting Revenue:

Since the end of the 19th century, we know from the 80/20 Pareto rule that the margin of progression of motivated employees, in particular via the profit-sharing bonus, can be particularly important since 80% of the results are obtained with 20% of the workforce (Bunkley, Nick, 2017). In addition, operating losses or operational risks are estimated at 89% of the wage bill for industry and services (including local authorities), and at 45% of the wage bill of banks and insurers (sectoral data collected by 40 years of analysis of hidden costs confirmed by the Basel Committee survey of 89 banks: Olivier Wyman, 2017).

Absolute VaR estimate basis (EL + UL) for a simulation when we do not have access to the risk register for UL data of operational risk incidents:

• Industry and Services (including local communities and public services in the broad sense), 89% of payroll, or € 21,285 per employee per year;
• Banks and insurance companies, 45% of payroll per employee, ie € 18,000 per year.