10/ Overview of the overall corporate collective action management system for the leverage effect of extra-financial performance

The holistic HCM accounting organization empowers the internal team to overcome these challenges that corporate collective action has faced for so long:

• "Individual objectives should be aligned with organizational goals. The behavior of all members of an organization must contribute to organizational resilience, and any passive or counterproductive behavior must be avoided.” (ISO 22316: 2017, Security and Resilience - Organizational Resilience).

• “As long as the bosses pretend to pay us, we will pretend to work” (The Guardian, 2017).

The full commitment of employees, especially remote work, implies the ability to avoid this well-known fool's game. The bonus which is neither transparent, nor planned, nor predictable on the basis of socio-economic performance measurement indicators available to all employees, and whose allocation is controlled by a single protagonist of the collective performance or collective bargaining agreement (the supervisor) creates the situation reflected in this well-known Russian joke.