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1. Business objectives to achieve

Interaction network, including ISACA, the Global IT Auditing Association (R&D, App Testing, and 2013 Peer Reviewed Publications to 2024 with a remote training and certification program based on online seminars with the University of San Francisco and learning by doing workshops on the app for the internal teams of banks and clients) which we have been coordinating since 2013.


(a)  To provide the basic cost-benefit DEMO document (1) to test TPRM accounting interaction products and services for TEMPLATE CR3 Mandatory to all banks, and (2) essential to meet the requirement that “Written business line definitions must be clear and detailed enough to allow THIRD PARTIES to REPLICATE the business line mapping. Documentation must, among other things, clearly motivate any exceptions or overrides and be kept on record” (BCBS, 2019)

(b)  To promote the development of beneficial financial products and services from TPRM Accounting for consumers and society. These are buyers for Banks, insurance companies, industries, and services, including local authorities for the public sector.

(c)  To enable regulation and supervision to better understand interaction Fintech as the FED and ECB have done, including BCBS since our peer-reviewed publications from 2009 to 2024.

(d)  To support the use of new cross-cutting and cross-sector interaction technologies for Credit Risk Mitigation in the financial sector

(e)  To provide guidance for linking credit risk mitigation micro accounts to Public Debt impact measurement Macro accounts.

This challenge is that of collaborative Digital Finance Platforms set

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